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Department of Educational Management at ECNU


Established in 2000, the Department of Educational Management at ECNU focuses mainly on the discipline of Economics and Administration of Education, with emphasis on educational leadership and administration, school management and improvement, educational measurement, educational policy and law, human resources and other educational research areas. We attach equal importance to teaching, scientific research and social services.

Our mission is to improve the quality of education in China through our research, to offer opportunities for educational exchange and to educate and prepare both scholars and professionals who can take leadership positions and improve educational practice in diverse educational settings.

Degree Programs

We are currently offering a rich array of high-quality degree programs in educational administration, including 1 doctoral program, 1 master’s program, 2 professional master’s programs and 1 undergraduate program. Currently we have 7 professors (6 doctoral students’ advisors), over 300 enrolled master’s and doctoral students as well as over 200 undergraduates.


Doctoral Degrees

Master’s Degrees

Bachelor’s Degree

Ph. D



M. Ed.


B. A.

Educational Economics and Administration

Educational Leadership and Administration

Educational Administration


Public Service Administration

 * The M. Ed. Program for Malaysia in-service teachers and principals has been implemented since 2017.

Academic Research & Activities

The department owns an excellent group of scholars with strong teaching and research strength. Our faculty members have been sponsored by National Natural Science Foundation, National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Humanities and Social Sciences Project of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Shanghai Educational Scientific Research Funding, and etc. The research projects carried out by us have been applied to the practice effectively, which won many national and provincial prizes. Over 18 years, we have published more than 500 influential papers in authoritative journals, such as Educational Research, Research in Educational Development, Journal of East China Normal University, Chinese Public Administration, China Higher Education Research, Global Education Outlook, Journal of The Chinese Society of Education, and etc. Among them, some articles have been reprinted by XinHua Digest, Duplicated Materials by People’s University, and China University Academic Abstracts.  

In order to build a stronger faculty team, the department pays much attention to international and domestic academic exchange. Some teachers have experiences of studying abroad and attending academic conferences. At the same time, the department provides opportunities for teachers and students to exchange ideas and academic visions with other scholars, educational administrators and policymakers outside ECNU. The following are some academic activities held by the department:  

  • Since 2017, the yearly International Conference on Educational Governance and School Reform is the signature meeting held by our department.

  • 2012 - 2015, “Conference on Educational Leadership” was held yearly.

  •  “Annual Conference of Chinese Economics of Education” in 2008

  • The first “National Graduate Symposium of Educational Economics” in 2008

  • Summer school for graduates of Economics and Administration of Education in China every year

  • The first “National Research Symposium for Doctorates of Economics and Administration of Education” in 2010

Social Services

We have made great contribution to the sustainable development of education in China. We believe that theories stem from practice first, and then can direct practicing. Therefore, in recent years we have not only provided first-rate training programs for school principals, teachers and educational administrators at all levels in China, but also built strong partnership with schools in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang as well. Our faculty members are actively engaged in helping our research bases, school development communities and experimental schools to restructure the schools, to reconceptualize management principles, to support teachers’ professional development and to improve school effectiveness. In addition, many of our faculty members serve to guide educational policymaking at both regional and district level and have exerted profound influence during the processes.

Revised on March 28, 2018


An Introduction of Department of Educational Management at ECNU.pdf